Help with Pierce Sabo Build

Hey there!
I need some help with my DW Demo Pierce build. The aim is to use FireStrike as dmg dealer, convert elemental damage to pierce in order to mege fire and lightning dmg from demo(fire strike +nodes, flame touched) with cold dmg from Nightblade ( mainly execution) into a single dmg pool: piercing.
Physical dmg will be converted to pierce through armor penetration.
It gonna be something like that :

Regarding the equipment I would like to avoid the use of Belgothian’s Slaughter.

I have not found any set that properly fit, so that I tried the Rimetongue set for RR, really nice until you meet a boss who resists blade trap, there it becomes useless.

Do you have any ideas on how to fix that?

Have you considered the SR set? You’re going to be using a lot of skill points so you really need as many as you can get from gear, losing another +1 from the belt and both weapons on the Derp Slicers also hurts.

You can try something like this


For extra skills to FS, you could also maybe look at 3pc epic sharpshooter’s + chosen MI shoulder with Nightstalker pendant. With top rolls you might see most all elemental converted – with bad rolls…not so great.

hey thx a lot! No never considered before, I thought it had too low damage on it. I m gonna try it!
Any suggestions for a better weapon?

Good idea, ABB with murderer’s breastplate+belt may be viable in this build. Why u choose bladencer handguard over Shadow’s Grasp? or maybe Dawnshard gloves . Is the flat elemental dmg proc enabled by every weapon it?

First reason, good physical resist(build will be squishy as hell) and resistances+cunning and becuase you have 2x AQC modifiers with weapons and you need to hardcap it(18/8 AQC with extra %36 WD should deal enourmous single target damage), it gives skill bonus to it so no need to invest much.

I tried a lot to make this build viable but no matter what I do the stats are stayed unbalancable. It should work good in Mc and maybe SR 65 without too much OA/DA and CC resists or proper damage reduction etc. But if you aim high, good luck to you :slight_smile:

Thing is sabo is a squishy class by nature. Even the cookie cutter cold builds are squishy af. So you either sacrifice conversion by going SR set or you go with what you envision but just accept that you’ll be squishy. I can’t put up a grimtools cause I’m at mobile but you can search for Grimsheet. Open the spreadsheet there and there’s a pierce sabo by @banana_peel.


hey guys thx a lot for helping!
@x1x1x1x2 that build is really close to the one i had in mind! i` m happy to see it in SR75
@banana_peel have you ever tried to load up SR set + maybe 2 bladetwister ring to fix the elemental conversion (at least that oneXD )

I have not. But the equipment needed for the build is rather user-friendly, i’d say. Most MIs with high value are easily farmable.

I was able to make a stable version for SR even before there was DR on Vindictive Flame. Now it should be even better.

OA even suffers more that even Flashbang can’t make it right believe me I tried every version; I make balanced builds and there is no way you can build a balanced(atleast balanced for high SR) build out of this one. I even tried Deathmarked Saboteur which was also a glasscannon.