help with ritualist vitality caster skills and devotions

Hi, I’m trying to make a Ritualist that focuses on putting down a whole load of totems and aoe damage and stealing health to stay alive. I’ve seen a few builds that go melee sword and board but I’d like to stick to caster if I can.

I haven’t planned out items because I have a few characters around lvl 50-60 and have not got to the end game content yet to try the gear. My Ritualist is around 50 at the moment and is beginning to fall off in the crucible which is where he was really shining for the early levels compared to my other builds. Here is a GrimCalc of what I have so far:

It won’t let me link direcly as I haven’t posted before so you’ll have to add in the rest of the URL.

I’ve seen bone harvest recommended over ravenous earth before, so I might swap to that. I also know I will probably have to include Mogdrogens pact somehow for the survivability. As far as devotions go I like most of what I have. I know revenant is a bit weird but it has vitality damage on the skeles that scales off player bonuses and tbh it was just something I could afford, there is no really reliable way to proc it with my skills. I would rather have rattosh or maybe even hourglass if I could get to them while also keeping the core devotions I have already.

Any advice on how to proceed or modify my build would be appreciated. Any suggestions for gear to look out for would also be nice. I had a grobble offhand that reduced the cooldown for storm totem by 1.5 seconds as well as giving it +1 and +1 to max totems placeable. Is there anything like that in high level gear? Because it was really nice but I had to replace it eventually due to it being only a level 20 green item.

hmm… here is a quick theocraft build:

maybe we need more OA^^

Hi, thanks for your reply. Just a couple of clarifications/ questions.

Are the OA and DA on master of death that important that you don’t need to take harbinger of souls? speaking of which, is the % vit damage increase on harbinger of souls and blood pact not worth investing in? I mean are the points better spent where you put them because the returns are too low or something?

I like the items, will definitely keep an eye out for them especially valguurs set, and maxing most of the resistances without sacrificing too much offence is great. just now learning how important resistances are on my other characters and i haven’t even got to ultimate yet lol.

With the devotions you’ve obviously had to change it a bit to get some more defense and rattosh in there. Is it usually a good idea to pick one or two major constellations that benefit your build and put the rest pretty much all into defense in all builds in ultimate? or just ones like this that rely on being pretty healthy and able to take a few hits if needed?

If you want to save some time then farm the Dark One set, it’s the most versatile set for Vitality Casters and has a guaranteed drop spot

Here’s your missing OA

Thanks I’ll keep all the suggestions in mind. Maybe I’ll go for this dark one set to keep me going while I look for other legendaries.

Btw, just how important is OA? I know you need a lot of it to guarantee hits and possibly get crits, and it’s importance is more obvious for basic attack builds, but is it so necessary for all end game builds that you forego more damage to get more OA?

Yes, for the most part. It is very important for all builds to reach a certain OA threshold. For example, you only have 95% chance to hit someone, 5% to miss and 5% to crit. Let’s say you add 100 dps to an attack. Since you only hit 95% of the time, your effective dps increase would only be 95, and your effective crit chance goes down to 4.75 percent. Now this doesn’t seem that significant. however, many enemies ingame debuff your OA (and some things stack), say your hit chance goes down to 80% due to debuffs. That 100 dps increase you did would effectively only have 80, and worse, your crit chance goes down to zero, because you only start getting crits at 90% chance to hit. That is a very huge decrease in dps, so it is better if you increase your OA enough to hit 100% or close even with debuffs, even if this means that you only increase your (theoretical) dps by 75. It’s still an increase in your actual dps.

OA thresholds would differ by build but I think many would agree with 2.7k for non crit builds (not high crit damage, not dependent on crit procs) and 3k for crit builds.

Note: my math may be off cause I’m sleepy but the thought is there.

Whether the maths is off or not, that’s a good enough explanation for me, thanks :slight_smile: