Help with saboteur devotions

Hello i need some help with devotions for saboteur i’ve picked Quill and Scholar’s Light into Rhowan’s Crown with elemental storm binded to Fire Strike,but after that i have absolutely no idea what to pick and what is good for fire strike saboteur,so some advice maybe,please :smiley:

link to my char

There are a couple in the build compendium which might give you some ideas.

Here is a quickly made draft, which requires one more attack skill to bind Elemental Seeker.

Hey medea fleecestealer i did check those two but one is cold and fire and the other lighting based so they are a little bit different i guess.

eisprinzessin isn’t that build that you suggested a little bit too offensive i was trying to figure out a good balance between offensive and defensive devotions cuz i read that saboteur is pretty squishy and not a recommended for first character but what are you gonna do i like dual wielding :smiley:

Yes, I have probably been too greedy. How about then?

Looks good thank you i’ll go with it,hope i dont have much trouble with first char saboteur im only in act 3 normal so far so good