Help With Sentinel

I have been playing Grim Dawn for months now and have had a blast up until now. I am level 60 and have honestly not had much trouble. I am a pure tank and have played that way the whole game. My resistances are pretty low. I have died probably 20 times trying to beat the Sentinel and am honestly about ready to throw in the towel. I get him about half dead and he heals himself again. I probably need to learn to use more than my shield and my weapon. Any tips appreciated. How do I upload my character?

Are you fighting him when he summons the green crystal? Always lure him away from the crystal because it increases his OA, DA, Health regen and Total Speed.

Good luck not fighting him next to green things he spams them like crazy. In the melee front I’ve never had an issue just up your poison resist and use a royal jelly pot of some sort.

Now with duel pistols he is another story, I want to smash my fist through my monitor and kill him that way cause I cant really dent him on ultimate.

Beaten him with sword and board warder, a dree bomb ranged run around, and tank him phantasmal knife thrower all on ultimate.

Had to over level him on elite with dual pistols (really hard to fight any hero that bum rushes me as I cant run and shot) to kill him and bout ready for my dual sword sabateur to chatch up and become my new main.