help with ultimate

i managed to beat ultimate with another player but i died a lot (on kraken i was dead most of the fight). i want to be able to beat skeleton key dungeons and nemesises on my own.

please tell me what im doing wrong.

I’m not CharOp savant or anything, but I do have a cabalist that walks through the game like it’s a theme park with purple coat racks so I’ll offer what help I can. Right off the bat:

11k health is pretty low. You can sometimes make it work depending on build, but I don’t think this is really a class you can skimp. You wanna be able to soak that second hit just in case. To that end…

Blood of Dreeg (and Aspect) are mandatory. It’s not only free healing for you and your pets, it’s a huge buff to your pets’ OA and gives them a flat +damage. Mark of Torment is similarly a pretty huge source of damage reduction, and it funnels that damage back at your main target. At the very least, get a point in it. Spectral Binding is an aura you should definitely find room for as well, because the extra hp is wonderful and a point in Spectral Wrath is pretty nice for added RR.

Curse of Frailty is the debuff. Slows your enemies, huge RR, hits pretty much everything you’re even thinking about. You want this almost as much as you need Blood of Dreeg.

Bone Harvest looks nice but it’s not as good as you want it to be. For all the points you have in it, you could put them into Blood of Dreeg and get the same amount of flat damage, +102 OA, plus healing, plus retaliation damage. On all of your pets.

Reap Spirit is good, but I don’t think getting the second spirit is really worth it. Better to just put 1 point in it and use the others for CoF/AotG. Same for the bird and its mods: get the base to 13/16 for that 3rd projectile (after that the points really start to drop in use), get Storm Spirit as high as you need to cap out your elemental resists plus a little bit for RR insurance, and put a single point in Lightning Strike just to have the ability.

I’m not gonna comment too much on gear, but in general you want to get your armor absorption up close to 100%. I’d say swap out the silk swatch on your chest with Titan Plating straight away, as it gets rid of useless bleed resist overcap (you really don’t need +58%) and turns it into pierce resist and more armor (which you lack). Getting Blood+Aspect will let you cut down on the acid resist components and let you put something more useful in their place.

For devotions, I’d at least get Eel instead of Lizard (it’s better just for the avoid%), and move points from Raven into 3/5 Rhowan’s Crown (binding the power to either familiar or skellies). It’s a pretty huge AoE and the RR is solid.

For reference, this is my cabalist. My pets are many and they very nearly all have devotion powers tied to them and having Eldritch Fire on CoF covers the whole screen in seconds guaranteed. Most of the time I don’t even need the assorted buff skills I have on my bar; just keeping BoD up and using Reap Spirit on cooldown is more than enough to stomp through Cairn like I own the place.

Your pets deal much more damage if you get resistance reduction

your pets deal lightning and vitality damage and physical damage.

You have conversion from physical damage -> vitality damage from will of the crypt and from master of death. This damage can not be converted again into lightning from your off-hand

Reconsider using another off-hand, ditch familiar and reap spirit and pic-up spectral binding + spectral wrath, curse of fraility + vulnerability, blood of dreeg and Aspect of guardian

focus on vitality resistance reduction

Manipulation, call of the grave, and harbinger of death do almost nothing for you in overcap.

Get more pierce res somehow. Also more DA.

Neither of those explains dying alot though. You may not be moving enough, especially as a pet user playing keep away is very important.

thanks for the help everyone, i managed to beat iron maiden and alkamos after updating my build

heres what im using now:

im planning on using beastcallers cowl once i scrape together enough manticore eyes