Help with Vindicator

Hi guys i need some help with this build, i having the issue i die really fast, it soesnt matter if i use Word of renewal and inquisor seal, i die aniway. I leave here the build i have and i leave a pic because the resist on grimtools is not the same inside the game.

The problem here is that you’ve stretched yourself thin with your skill point distribution. There is no focus at all, so your build just isn’t going to do well.

Pick a skill, focus on it, and use other things to support it.

Personally, I would jsut get wind devil, and focus on raging tempest/maelstrom for easy levelling.

EDIT: Primal strike does not proc WPS like storm spread btw. So thats a waste of skill points right there

True. Only Savagery, Fire Strike, Cadence and Righteous Fervor will proc WPS’s.

To be a little more specific RE what medea said, cadence has a strange mechanic:


The first 2 hits which charges up cadence can proc WPS, cadence itself cannot proc a WPS.

Hi! Look this thread, second build and see if this can give you some ideas :slightly_smiling_face: [] Beginners/Budget Vindicator,lightning Caster/2h Ranged versions

Thx for the help, i going to change skills and see if they work me.