Help with warehouse logistics

I have 50 residents in my city. And it’s enough for me to keep 2 “clothes” for them in stock. The rest I want to automatically move to the warehouse for export. How do I do this ?

If you want to automatically keep goods for export click on the :no_entry_sign: and it will change to a green tick, but be warned, keeping the export section full will mean goods are not accessible for your villagers.

The system work in the opposite way.

Not what you keep in stock in the city but what you keep in stock in the trading post to export. For example 50 and check green to keep that stock in the trading post.

And you can use production limits at 100 for example. So at 100 it stop producing the item and at 50 it start again.

A = 2 (const), B = 3
If A > 2 → B + 1

how do I set it up automatically?

Not possible actually!

Yes, it is.


Just tick the box

Then it’ll keep the trading post stocked with however much you put in “B”.

This is the problem of the algorithm. The checkmark should control “A”. I want to manage the quantity of goods in the city, and I want to sell everything else.

That’s not possible, not via the trading post anyway. Trading post only works for stuff that’s kept in it, not stuff outside in the city. I don’t know of any way to set limits on stock kept in the cit so they’re not moved to the trading post.

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The trading post does not have a scale of the amount of filled volume. How to track its completion? There is this in stock

It’s bass-ackwards from what it should be.

We need to be able to keep X stock on hand, and send the excess production to the TP.

Not ‘take everything’ until the TP is full.

The micro-management quota here is off the charts, for every single Traveling Merchant that rings the bell.

The Trading Post workers are thieves, too.

They steal goods from both Markets and Homes, not just from storage or production facilities.

That needs to stop.

Goods at Market and in Shelters should NOT be available for the TP workers to steal.

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The only way I’ve found to ‘manage’ Trading Post stocks and sales so far - and I’m welcome to anything better anybody has discovered - is to, at the start of the year before snow clears, go into the Trading Post and set the amounts I want to sell based on stocks in the town and excess to requirements at that moment.
The problem with this is that if my little workers go crazy and produce a bunch of extra stuff during the year, I generally won’t get to sell it until the following year and still have to micro-manage transfer of goods for special sales/trades or emergency (like needing extra weapons to finish up manning a Barracks or Fort before the next scheduled Raid)
It’s clumsy, but at least it keeps the light-fingered Trading Post workers from cleaning out the nearest Markets and Homes.
For a game with no discernable Heirarchy in it, the Trading Post workers operate like some Brute Squad with complete confiscatory authority . . .

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