Help with warlord

I need some help to guide me thru gd ,I did pick warlord as my 1st ever class and im currently at 68 lvl
I did try guides but most of them work at 100 of if you are geared to run thru
I did use 2hander and did try this retalitation build but I dotn have enough items seems like 2hander forcwave is way better to lvl up,problem is fight bosses ,not enough life leech to sustain dmg and my 2 “pets” .sometimes I die few time before I kill boses
for the stars I have no clue what to use and whats the way to go with 2hander build

Check this page out, it should be helpful to you. There are also some game mechanics and devotion guides in the tutorial section of the forum. Good luck.

Edit: your build has things not needed for 2H build. You have points in overguard and shield training, you have 2 exclusive skills, bulwark anf divine mandate, for a warlord I would use either oleron or mandate. I would also drop righteous fervor and spec into force wave.

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This one is the Forcewave guide:

Forcewave 2H is good method of leveling Warlord, retaliation requires some gear and I find leveling with shield too slow to be effective mean.

In addition to the advice above: Your build shows several common beginner mistakes.

  • No components or augments used at all. They are there to be used and would help you tremendously. To get lifeleech, you could use a simple Hollowed Fang. There are tons of other components, that will boost your damage or resistances or give you other benefits like better energy regen. Use them.

  • Resistances are way too low. All resistances (except maybe for stun resist - you could get away with less here) should be as close as possible to the cap of 80%. In endgame, you even want to “overcap” them by about 30% to counter enemies, who can reduce your resistances. Resistances are key in GD. If you don’t have them, you will die.

  • Related to the resistances problem: Beginners tend to think, that blue and purple items are always better. This is not the case. OFC a purple item, that fits your build, should normally be used. Blues often aren’t so good. While they may raise your damage and maybe give other nice boni, they often lack resistances. So, building all blue and purple isn’t a good idea while leveling. Look for good green items to fill up your resistance gaps.

  • While leveling, choose one or two main damage skills and max them out ASAP. Remember you can always respec. Yes, it comes at a cost, but at 69 you should have more than enough iron to pay the spirit guide. In your case, focus on Forcewave. Your Stonefist Rebuke is the BIS (best in slot) weapon for physical Forcewave builds. So you have a great weapon.


  1. Adjust your skills and your devotions to the guide by malawiglenn linked above.
  2. Use components and augments.
  3. Get gear with better resistances.

Good luck on your journey through Cairn!

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