Hey Dudes And Dudettes

Hello there, my name is Oliver, I’m 18 and I like video games, as evident by my existence on this forum which is dedicated to a video game. Additionally, I hail from the frozen North, The Land Of The Raiding Explorers, The Seafaring Warriors Of Old, The Vikings. Aka I’m from Denmark, it’s not that cold, it usually just rains all year long. Imagine Ireland, but smaller, and less rural. Anyway, with the formalities out of the way, I like this game, but I also like playing with other people! Unfortunately, I have not a single friend ATM who is interested in ARPGs, let alone one that isn’t titled Diablo X. Soooooo, anyone feel like making new friends? I’m thinking a party size of 4, but I’ll take 2. It’ll just be you, me, and the putrid fields of a dying world, rotten corpse and the stench of blood all around. And I wouldn’t have it any other way, dear friend/associate.

EDIT: By the by, I have base and AoM. I am going to get Forgotten Gods too, but I don’t know when, as my financial situation is a tad shaky right now, and I really should focus on other things. I play on Steam, I was told that is useful information as well.

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Welcome to the game and to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

What platform do you have the game on and do you just have the base game or one or both expansions as well? It’s not easy to play base game with someone that has expansion/s. It can be done, but requires a bit of fiddling around to get it to work for the person with the expansion/s. Steam will probably have more multiplayers than GOG although you can now crossplay between the two.

We don’t have a dedicated multiplayer thread here since the game is mainly single player focussed, but you could also try over on the Grim Dawn Discord - they have a searching players channel there where you might find someone to play with.

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Hi Oliver, welcome to the forum!

Grim Dawn attracts multiple people from all over the world, so it can be exciting experience! Sadly I don’t have internet connection, so play only offline but I do hope you find buddy, to play with multiplayer. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey there welcome to the game and forum!

Personally I’m more of a single player person, don’t be let down that so far everyone here seems to have a reason not to though!
I know for a fact that there are many players out there who enjoy multiplayer, Medea linked you to the discord which is a good place to start, you can also jump into some unlocked games through the lobby

Have fun!

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Why thank you, I hope I can find someone on there. I should go back to my comment and clarify my situation I suppose. Have a nice day!

Oh I’m more of a singleplayer myself. I mainly play Skyrim, though these days I spend more time trying to get the bloody mods to work than I do actually playing. I just find that ARPGs start to… Well, I get bored of them relatively quickly, if I don’t have someone to play with. Anyway, yeah, you have yourself a good one!

Thank you for the welcome, I have no idea what it means to be a “Herald”, but it sounds awesome, and yeah, have a good one man

Welcome to the forum :wink:

It’s a “leftover” from the old forum software this forum used to run on. Basically after so many posts you would get a title, so many more posts another title and so on.

You’ll see the Praetorian title from time to time (like I have and StrUktO who posted above) and this one denotes people who help playtest new builds of Grim Dawn before it goes on to everyone else.

And then there are Moderators like Medea above (who is also technically a ‘Praetorian’ as well but also with moderator powers). Other than that tho the new forum software no longer uses the “title” format anymore.

**Also, any actual Crate Employees/developers will have a title that clearly states such. These days you will likely only see posts from Zantai, the others only post much more rarely.

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Welcome! As many folks have already suggested the discord is a great place to find other folks. That said, please feel free to find me on steam (same user name as here). I like to do multi now and again, a good RL friend of mine actually picked up the game so we could game together occasionally.

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What powbam said basically. The old forum, which was on a very old version of vBulletin, came under a hacking attack back in May which caused the loss of several days’ worth of threads/posts. Crate decided to move the forum to a new platform called Discourse.

If you’re curious the old post count ranking went like this:
1 - initiate
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600 - campaigner
800 - emissary
1000 - herald
1500 - champion
2500 - lord advocate
5000 - Apostle
7500 - Ascendant (Added in 2018 when someone unintentionally servershit those numbers)

So someone with Herald against their name posted between 1,000 and 1,500 times on the old forum. The new forum doesn’t use titles as Zantai said above, but there are 3 levels of members - new users like yourself, member which you’ll earn after so many posts, etc, and then regular member.

Zantai is the Crate designer you’ll see here most since he’s project lead for the game and oversees the forum in general with the help of moderators jiaco, eisprinzessin and myself. Plus he also posts the regular Grim Misadventures on what’s happening with the game. You can find them all here.


The next one will be posted on the 4th November.

Medierra or big M as we sometimes call him is the founder and owner of Crate Entertainment and Grim Dawn is his idea/vision. Grava and Hyboreal are other designers, Allminoxy is one of the game’s artists and Rhis a programmer. They all post here occasionally.


Oh, nice timing then, I’ll send you a friend request then

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Oh, and my steam handle is TGMOliverHolm, btw

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