Hey everyone, Avengy here ^_^

Hi everyone!

Bought this alpha a while ago, mostly to support the developers of my very favourite ARPG Titan Quest, came back to it recently to realize it is a very awesome game in itself at this point, and it seems that it will only get better and better.

I play RPGs mostly for the atmosphere and setting and less for any competitive aspect, so expect to see me around asking nooby build-related questions that will make you roll your eyes and/or drooling over future update announcements :).

sounds like a plan! Welcome to the forums, and if you need any help ask me, I’m currently streaming so just pop in my channel if you need anything.

Welcome to my favourite ARPG since Diablo II!

Hello Avengy

and welcome to the forum and Grim Dawn, enjoy your stay :smiley:

Cool! I followed your stream even though GD isn’t exactly the game I think I’d enjoy watching. Will still drop by some time though.

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone :smiley: