Hey everyone

Same story as most here - liked Diablo2, found Titan Quest and liked it tons more, for some random reason heard about GD - and here I am with prepaid keys for both myself and my wife :slight_smile:
Didn’t quite have enough cash available to be included into alpha, but looking forward to beta!
Oh, and we might just start another game of Titan Quest over the network while we’re waiting :smiley:

Hi and Welcome.

I’m still playing TQ:IT as it is the only thing that is keeping me entertained :slight_smile:

Enjoy your stay.

Hello and welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay! :slight_smile:

Welcome to GD and the forums!

Hi and welcome!

Hello and welcome! That’s awesome you have your wife to play these games with you :smiley:

Hello and welcome traveler. Enjoy your stay here!

Welcome to Grim Dawn forum.

Lucky guy that found a woman with taste.

Welcome here.

Welcome to the Grim Dawn Community!

PS - I love to play local games of TQ:IT with my wife also…we have a blast!

Honestly, I never got very into Titans Quest. I think it’s a good game but, never totally sucked me in.

From a POV from someone who doesn’t hold TQ in regards as an all time favorite - Grim Dawn looks like it will be much better. Just the whole setting and concept alone gets me excited.

Welcome to the wait ! Hope it’s over soon. o(^▽^)o