Hey everyone!

I’m Wyatt. I bought the game when it was in early access forever ago, have loved it ever since of course. Recently started playing again and have gotten further than I did previously and am having an even better time than I thought possible. My only question would be, are there any places to farm levels? Is becoming underleveled a thing or does that tend to not happen? I’m just worried I might fall behind or something and I don’t want that to happen. All the big enemies seem to always be a few levels ahead of me which made me wonder. Thanks!

Hi, welcome to the forums, glad to hear you are enjoying GD :smiley:

Enemies, especially bosses/hero’s, will normally be a higher level than you, that is the way it is supposed to be. Each area in normal/veteran and elite (IIRC) will level up with you until they reach a cap (it’s like this to help with being able to farm particular areas for awhile). I believe ultimate doesn’t have this cap, honestly don’t pay to much attention to enemy level in ultimate.

Hope that made sense, anyways GL man :slight_smile:

That definitely helped, thanks a lot! I kind of tested it by going down the first hidden path area and seeing how enemies were scaled to my level. It’s really nice to know they do this because I was afraid I’d fall behind for some reason, lol.

Glad that helped. :slight_smile:

Yeah don’t worry about falling behind, you will be lower levels than most bosses and hero’s, but they are still beatable. If you do feel like you are falling behind, you’re build or gear may need upgrading. Other than that don’t worry about it :smiley:

Welcome to the forums!

welcome SirKillawatt