hey first post

hey first post here :slight_smile:

i have been tester since 2012-2013 but never written anything here :slight_smile:

just yesterday i completed the game on normal just for story purpose (wanted to wait for the full release untill i did).

and today i started my real char on veteran difficulty :smiley:

just wanna thank CRATE team for the best game i ever played since diablo 2 :slight_smile:

i love you crate and i love this community :slight_smile:

just wisp me and i give you my steamid

finally a game where you can farm places !!! :smiley: love it :smiley: cant wait for my level 20 pet build to get to 85

hi, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

thank you :smiley:

Hey Nawasan welcome to the forums.

glad to hear you are enjoying GD :smiley:

enjoying is to mild :slight_smile: im a hardcore ARPG player :slight_smile: love every ARPG thats out but this one takes my 1st place :slight_smile: