Hey Guys!

Hey Guys!!!

Been around about two weeks and only just now saw that this was a thing. My “name” is SoothingSun. Got it from wow where i happened to be playing a monk and joined a guild and healed in Rated Battlegrounds. In sharp contrast to that I almost never play healing roles and prefer more of the hard hitting snipers and the immovable objects of tanks. In grim dawn, well I love the guns, pistols, rifles etc.

Love this game, community doesn’t seem super active, but I hope to be a part of it just the same. Already met a few of you in trading and on reddit. Like everyone else i’m super excited for the xpac. I’m also a theory crafter. I’ll theory craft all my time away.

Anyway that was kinda long winded. Excited to be here.

Thanks for reading,


hi there, do you think community is not so active? Why if i may ask?

Hello SoothingSun,

and welcome to the forum and grim dawn

well the forums are pretty active but also a bit calm now because everybody waits for the expansion

otherwise join the discord channel:

You know what I’ll take that back entirely. I think more of what i meant to say is that its alot smaller than communities I’ve been a part of in the past (PoE D3 etc) I would also say that I love this game way more than those.

Welcome to the forum SoothingSun. Wait until the end of next week - the forum will be going crazy once the expansion comes out. :smiley: