Hey peps

I’m a 31 year old ARPG gamer from Denmark.
I have been playing computer games since I was 13 years old and before that it was the Commandore64 that took all my spare time :slight_smile:

I backed GD on kickstarter and GD is actually the first project I backed :slight_smile:

I’ve just played GD for the last couple of hours and I’m loving it.

Looking forward to the finished game.

Hello! Welcome to the forums!

I admit I didn’t back this during the kickstarter but I did indeed purchase it on steam and it hasn’t let me down. Not yet anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome, enjoy, and have a Merry Christmas!

A here mate, stop looking at the forum and go play this great game :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello and welcome to the forum.