Hey, what's up?

Xenrae here. I’ve been following GD for awhile now. I’m also a huge TQ fan. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

I’m an artist, getting ready to head to Florida for my masters degree in interactive technology - or, gaming as some would call it. Many years in the making, and I can only hope to eventually work on a project this loved and longed for.

Thanks for your hard work, Crate! I look forward to seeing everybody in-game.

Welcome Xenrae;D

Hi and welcome to the forums. You arrive at an interesting time.

Hello and welcome to the forums!

Quick side note: multiplayer won’t be available for the alpha (as your post may seem to hint that).

Anyways, glad to see that you (and everyone else) is super excited for this game. Myself, I’ve had some experience with 3D animation and am going to school this fall and hopefully someday down the road I’d like to have a chance to work on a game.

Welcome to the Grim Brotherhood :slight_smile:

Thanks all, for the warm welcome.

I guess you’re right - maybe not in-game. But forums are fun too, right?