Hi all!

Hi there

I finally joined this forum and bought the game 2 weeks ago, but I wanted to go through act 1 at least once before I made this introduction thread. In the last few years I went through pretty much every ARPG I could find at least once, I haven’t played diablo games though.

38 hours of gameplay later it is easy to say, that this is now my favourite ARPG and it feels like I am playing an improved Titan quest. After trying out 4 different builds, I am currently addicted to my soldier and spamming the forcewave skill whenever I can. Although 119 dps is probably quite low since I am lv25, but I still have hope for my lv15 dual wield character.

I can hardly wait for act 2 and to see what the crafting system has to offer.

Welcome to the forums and glad you are enjoying Grim Dawn :slight_smile:

Hello, welcome, and enjoy!

Love popping forcewave and seeing a bunch of zombies explode into the air :slight_smile:

Almost as satisfying as Shadow Strike and having an enemy torpedo over a cliff in a perfect dive.

Forcewave is a fun one. One of my characters uses nothing else (and happens to be the most effective farming character I have to this point). I actually find trying to nail the perfect positioning for maximum carnage almost as fun as seeing the large numbers float over the heads of newly made corpses.

Hello and welcome to the forums!:smiley:

Welcome and have fun in all things GD. :slight_smile: