Hi everybody

hi everybody!
First of all, congrats to Crate for awesome kickstarter project ending! :cool:
I’ve been following since a long time, although i never subscribed until now.
Titan Quest is one of my favourite games ever, i played really a lot with (my battlemage was so fun to play with :D), and seeing how Grim Dawn is getting better and better i can’t avoid to think that Grim Dawn will become the best game i have ever seen :wink:
So…good luck Crate Entertaiment, although you dont need it because you have skill!

To developers: will triple beer skill will implemented in the game? xD

welcome to the forums and it’s great you made the step forward to join us here!

hi welcome to the forums

hi and welcome, yes its nice to see new people join up

hi and welcome

Hey Sargon,

Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay! =)

thx everybody :slight_smile:

Welcom Sargon!