Hi everyone - Sharing of my gaming history.

Hello Everyone let me Introduce myself!

I’m Asgardhora, 29 years old. Happely maried and two little daughters aged 3 months and 2 years old. I Hail from a small land named Belgium living in a little village named Brussels :p.

MY job is Being a Trainconductor and a full time daddy! not much time left for gaming anymore but i still enjoy every little moment of gaming.

Let’s return back in time to see when this little guy started gaming. My brother received for his 12 years a nintendo. He didn’t like it very much but i was only 7 and was immediatly addicted! My first games where rad racer and simons quest the first castlevania. i also had mario and duckhunt combined with the orange gun.

I really enjoyed those games but once my older brother got a pc, a monster of a 486 dx2 66 with the super turbo button i was hooked.

My first games were prince of persia and wolfenstein 3d. I played mostly fps at tat time like rise of the triad or doom. later on i played quarantine and carmageddon. yes i know some bloody violent games for my age but i seem to have turned out well i think.

^^ This all seems so far so i cant remember exactly when i got my first roleplaying games. I think probably that it was fallout 1. Later on i got fallout II and the baldurs gate series.
Man did i enjoy the baldurs gate series. even today i think baldur’s gate Ii is still the game that i played the most. So many different side quests and different endings!

My first hack&slash must have been NOX. I don’t know if many of you people remember this game but I discovered this type of gaming with nox for the first time. I still remember playing the druid with all the summon spells or the caster class with all the area spells.

a few months later i discovered Diablo Ii. I dont think i need to introduce this game. most people of you probably played this game! I mostly remember playing my amazon with her buriza crossbow in the cowlevels! farming Mephisto with my fire sorceress or playing in the high difficulty’s with my Paladin. It was also The first game i played on the internet!. Ah the joy of hearing a dial up modem dialing! My parent’s on the otherhand disliked this game (i suppose it was for the phone bill :D)

I also liked the elder scrolls series. But i mostly remember morrowind. I liked the unique environment and the graphics were really amazing for me when i first played it. I suppose it was also one of my first games that supported such nice 3d graphics.

Later on I played some great games like guild wars. one of the few games that i played with my wife. I also introduced her to titan quest! It was like in diablo but a better setting. The fact that you could chose two masteries was also great. I tried tons of different builds. I almost always played storm mastery combined with another mastery like defense or rogue. My wife always played a mage type character with big nuke spells. In titan quest she went full Earth elemental.

Then there was Hellgate London! Brilliant ideas, really interesting gameplay and universe but sadly the flagship sunk :frowning: It was like a hack&slash combined with a fps. I really lovedw this game while it lasted. I know hellgate is back but it sadly lost the magic for me.

After this my pc became to old for running new games, so i decided to buy an xbox360. i really enjoyed the mass effect series and the fable games. I had a great time but didn’t have the magic i had on my computer.

Last year i bought a new computer and i’m really happy i did. I bought some new games but sadly didn’t have much time to play. Last game i played a lot was Skyrim. I also bought Torchlight last year but there was something missing for me. I enjoyed the game but it didn’t hook me like most hack&slash games.

nowadays I enjoy buying games, even if i can’t play them… I still have a ton of games that i didn’t even started. The new deus ex for example!

Right now i’m playing path of exile. I feel like playing diablo II like if it came out recently. really nice passive skill tree and i enjoy playing it in the morning on my day off. while the kids and my wife are still sleeping ^^.

It was on the forum of path of exile that i discovered this game. I saw that the dev team was small but really motivated. That they listened to their fans. Maybe I won’t have much time to play this game but just for the points above i decided to support this game! I bought the legendary version and really hope this game will have all the fans and sales it deserves!

I hope seeing you all soon on the forums and maybe ingame later on :slight_smile:

ps: sorry for the Gramatical errors. English is not my native tongue. ^^

no worries about grammar and english, plenty of second english speakers on the boards, so all over the world

but anyway, its hi from me, and glad you could support this awesome game, and hope you will enjoy it when it finally comes out (whenever that will be)

the forum is a nice place, so pull put a chair and make yourself at home

(the chair is extra, but as your new here I do a special offer on it, and its yours for free) :smiley:

Hi and welcome to the Grim Dawn family.
Don’t worry about your grammar, as I able to understand what u wrote with no problem.
I speak mostly Mandarin (Chinese), and English also my second spoken language.

Thanks Matthew and Silversaint.

Thanks for the extra chair, but why do you get a Leather Couch matthew?

But its ok medierra on the other hand seems to get an Immortal Throne :smiley:

Welcome Asgardhora and thanks for sharing your story! That was a good read. Haha, almost forgot about dial-up modems. I still vaguely remember them from the days when you had to actually place a telephone receiver onto the modem. I remember one time when I was young I ended up far surpassing our bandwidth usage and it cost my family over $1000… man was I in trouble!

Thank you Medierra. I realised this morning that i bought the legendary pack but didn’t support your kickstarter. So i decided to also buy the digital deluxe edition. I would have bought a nicer edition but i live outside the states. I dont need a refund of the legendary edition. I will keep both versions.

As long as there will be some spells with large area of effect damage then my wife will gladly take the other edition :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, well thank you so much for your double-purchase!

Yes, I think your wife will be quite pleased. If she’s down with playing a demolition class character, the explosives are quite area-effecty. If she’s more the arcane type, we cater that as well with the Occultist, which is more of a pet class but also has some area-effect. I’m currently working on an Arcanist too and haven’t fully defined the skills yet but I’m planning some big nukes there as well. :wink:

Hey Asgardhora,

Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay! =)

Haha, your gaming history is very similar to mine. Gaming wifes, man, I love my wife for this “ability” sooo much! =)

you weren’t suppose to know about the couch, should have kept my mouth shut when I let that one slip :stuck_out_tongue: then again it comes from been a generous supporter of GD, so your chair will be upgraded when you get a second key, then a third :smiley: (at some cost to yourself mind, the free chair is a very limited offer, after that you have to pay to get it upgraded :smiley:

Hi Asgardhora,

^^^ this ^^^

… welcome to the forums. :wink:

Great read, welcome to the forums.

Thanks for all those warm hearted reply’s. I feel at home already. I even reinstalled TQ. Still many of youplaying TQ online?