Hi, former TQ player here

Were at titanquest.net when there was only like 15 members and befriended myself with 501105 some may remember from there.

Then I saw there was a new game from the dev’s of tq i just had to see it.

What I love most from TQ was the rag doll effect that made the monster fly.

Welcome! I do remember having seen some 501105’s posts, I think. Wasn’t he a moderator?

Welcome. I also have to agree with you those ragdoll effects were hilarious at times when people would litterly go flying off screen.

I always tried to swat them off cliffs. :slight_smile:

Once, in Babylon I managed to knock an Ichthian upto the next level of the gardens. That in itself was funny but what made it awesome was the fact that the way it landed made it look as though he was trying to make snow angels!

I got a zombie stuck in a tree today.

On another note - Welcome to the forum! I do indeed remember 501105. He wasn’t a moderator but I remember receiving lots of PMs from him. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just thought of something - are gibs affected by physics?

Like, can we expect to see a tree full of body parts? :smiley:

Yes and no - they are affected by physics but they shouldn’t end up stuck in a tree since they are generally round and would just roll out. Although, I think I did get an arm or something stuck in between two forking branches one time.

LOL cool! I am already anticipating the “POST SCREENSHOTS OF ODDLY PLACED LIMBS” thread.

oh man i never thought about the gore being affected by physics thats awsome

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yay zombie-christmas-trees. Awesome!

you have to do it again and then post pics. thats epic.

Welcome and for your reading enjoyment a little bit of helpful information.
Hands you a pamphlet


I loved the way various enemies in TQ would stretch out like they were made of rubber. One piece of their bodies would be nailed to the ground while the rest of them went flying after a heavy hit leaving this stretched piece of anatomy lying across the ground or even hanging over a cliff. Kinda like how thier bodies would be left haning on by one limp of hang off the edge streaching down into oblivion.

They weren’t monsters they were renditions of Mr Fantastic. :smiley:

Is that your pick-up line by any chance?

Pfft. I don’t need a pick up line they usualy just run the other way before I get within a hundred meters.