Hi from India

Hello, All.

I just Started Playing this Game a Month Back.

however, I was a Die Hard Fan of TQ/TQIT.

I would like to have some help on:-

  1. My gear - Saboteur
  2. How to kill Avatar (Mondragon)
  3. Which Character shall I build Next

Here is my build

Item Name - Component - Augments

Infernal Brimstone - Enchanted Flint - Potent Solar Radiance
Empowered Herlad Mask - Rune Stone
Empowered Herald jacket - Krilians Shattered Soul
Hell Forged Legplate - Ancient Armor Plate
Wrymbone Handguards - Spell Woven Threads
WrymScale Footguard - Rigid Shell
Empowered Brimstone Shoulder - Rigid Shell
Empower Enchanter Insignia - Attuned LodaStone
Marauders Ammo Belt - Rigid Shell
Conflagration Relic
Ancestral Ward - Mark of Illusion - Keymsons Will
Jewel of the Royal Crown - Mark of Illusion - Keymons Will
Empowered Lore Keepers bank - Mark of Illusion - Keymons Will

Alternate Weapon-

2 x Devil tongue - Devil Touched Ammo - Black Steel Powder

Snapshot Attached.

Please help me get better.


Attachment: Devil Tongue.JPG
Attachment: InFERNAL.JPG