Hi ho!

Been playing TQ and lurking at the forums for ages and thought I might take a bit more active stance now with the new game coming and all. :smiley: Though I was saddened when I pondered too long about contributing, and missed my chance! Now my guilt gnaws at my soul, not unlike hunger gnaws the developersā€™ aching bellies, unable to feed themselves without my humble offerings. I only hope to be given another chance to rise to the occasion! So yeah, without further ado, nice to meet you all. :smiley:

Welcome! I too missed my chance to donate, but likely thatā€™ll be fixed before long! Please explain your forum name. =)

Whoa, even I didnā€™t get a polite-but-firm request to explain my name. Whereā€™s the love?

Ah, this nick of mine was made up when I was about 12 years old, though it was somewhat longer originally. As I grew up it got condensed some, mainly because it was too long to use in games and pretty ridiculous. Thus I retained the capital letters of the first parts and the whole of the last part, what genius! It could also be easily used in arcade games that had a three letter scoreboard by using only the capitals. As a creature of habit, I can hardly imagine using anything else anymore. I hope you enjoyed this short history of mine. :wink:

ay welcomee