Hi team!

Just saw this game on steam the other day. Havent slept for most of this past week, and I now have 70 hours played :))) What a great game!

Welcome to the game and to the forum Penguin. :slight_smile:

Also, great community. Pleasantly surprised.

Welcome to the forums!

Hi and welcome! No need for a mobile phone here so you are in safe holy grounds!

Dont forget that forgotten gods dlc is on the horizon starring everyone’s all time favorite : the paladin class. And please buy Ashes of Malmouth Expansion so you get to play the Inquistors which is a requirement for that.

Have fun! And more playing hours to you!

Well, we try. Do get arguments which get a bit heated from time to time, but generally it’s more help/advice stuff and ideas/suggestions for the devs to maybe think about. Last thing we want to do is put people off the game because the forum is seen as being toxic.

Kid friendly and dishwasher-safe! Wanna color on the walls? Which color crayon do you need?

I’ve got you covered bro.


Get some sleep bro! You can’t theorycraft in GrimTools unless your brain-power is at 100% :smiley:

Bro, I only theorycraft in Slimy Green #299617

…because Dreeg said so! So until GrimTools can do THAT… pffft!

And you wouldn’t sleep either if you had as much coffee as I got in me right now.

Official Discord is much worse, this Forum is a 1970’s flower power pot-party in comparison :smiley: