Hi there! Finally :)

This should have been my first post I guess. Well, It’s third. :slight_smile:

I registered a year ago after …playing a couple of hours, then going Loyalist.

There was not much to do in the game, so with several level 13s and 0 posts I went to Path of Exile (second thing I’m not sure I should have mentioned… if some strict rules exist, I’ll soon learn it the hard way :slight_smile: ).

Now with 50 hours of play time on Steam I’m finally ready to say hi and start posting stupid newbie posts :slight_smile: So… hi all :slight_smile:

Hello Don

Welcome to the forum & Grim Dawn :slight_smile:

Well hopefully more posts to come!

I want to welcome you and just tell you that it is not so much strict rules, and in any case there really is no punishment, but I have zero tolerance for reading the phrase I edited out of your post.

So welcome, and I hope to see more of you around here.

So, the first thing I wasn’t sure I should had mentioned I shoudn’t had :slight_smile:
Thank you for not removing the whole post.

Wow, what got you into trouble? I’m interested :stuck_out_tongue: In anyways, didn’t know this game have been in development progress since 2010, but I guess with the limited devs, it will sure take a good long time, but at least it will also be good for the players!

You can guess looking at the edited phrase, it’s still somewhat… unusual.
Just don’t guess aloud :slight_smile:

Hey there Don And welcome aboard.

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Hi Don! It’s a great group here!