Hi there


been meandering around, taking a peek at this game every once in a while and I have to say, it is really starting to look really nice.

With Titan Quest (and expansion) being as good as they are, I am very happy to see a new game coming from you guys, I hope to to see it soon and to spend many hours with my friends and brothers in multiplayer :slight_smile:

Hi ya irk, nice to see another new member.

to answer your sig dont know about the movie, but would Elfen Lied be the anime?

Welcome to the forum. Great to have you here!

Welcome! You must join us in #grimdawn on Quakenet, your chosen nick demands it!

You also have quite an aesthetically pleasing taste in entertainment, both Haibane Renmei and Toki wo kakeru shoujo had great soundtracks.


The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (aka Toki wo kakeru shoujo) is the movie. Elfen lied is really good, which is my avatar, but Haibane Renmei is my #1 :slight_smile:

:cool: only the best :cool: :stuck_out_tongue: