Hi there !

Greetings everybody !
Just a few words how I got here:
Being a great TQ - fan (still playing nowadays), I’ve been looking for some alternative and found something much better - not only an alternative but something that seems to become a worthy follow-up, improving all the things I loved in TQ. Go ahead guys, this already looks and sounds great !

Welcome. Join the horde of TQ fans eagerly waiting to play its spiritual successor!

Welcome CombatCoati,

I see you enjoy reading and replying to our existing threads … much appreciated.

Thanks for the welcome yerkyerk - count me in !

Been around some time in the titanquest.net forum (just reading, didn’t register), so your nick does ring some bells.

Haven’t you also once posted on the german tq.gamona.de forum, concerning the at that time upcoming fanpatch ? Seems like ages ago :wink:

Edit: Thanks also, eisprinzessin, your post must have come in while I was typing - nice to see someone else coming from Germany is around here !

Yup. I think it was ages ago :slight_smile:

Happens to me all the time :wink:

[thread=2210]We are not alone.[/thread]

Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay! :slight_smile:


Hi there CombatCoati, welcome to the forum.

very nice, another new member joins the ranks of Crate’s followers (does that sound right?):wink:

but anyway welcome and now join the wait for the alpha