Hi there

Hi everyone. I found this game on youtube to be honest, in one of the materials from youtuber I follow. And I’m very pleased he made that video becouse I just love RPG’s in general, and I could not find out about it any other way. Played TQ for hours, and I really enjoyed it, so i’m verry happy to see that this game have some connections with it.

Bought it on steam around 23 December and already I have over 40 hours played and yesterday was my first victory in completion of steps of torment. This game feels awesome and it still keeps me saying “wow” when I discover more details about it.

I would like to thank you Crate for creating such a great game, although it isn’t finished yet, it already feels epic :slight_smile: Will try to support you guys in any way I can. Hope I can be off some help :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Hello, and welcome to the forums! Congrats on the Steps of Torment win!

You might be interested in some of the following resources:
Graceful Dusk, an item database for all the items (attainable or otherwise) in Grim Dawn.
Grim Calc, a character-builder inspired by TitanCalc from Titan Quest/Immortal Throne.

Enjoy GD!

Hello and welcome!

Would be interested in seeing the youtube video that led you to paradise.

Hi, and welcome :slight_smile:

Hello Nishtec

And welcome to the forum and Grim Dawn

Thanks for warm welcome :slight_smile:
Ceno thanks for links. That item database is impressive. Are there no legendary items possible to drop ingame yet, or is it that noone posted them yet ?

there aren’t any legendaries in the game yet :wink:

they will come eventually


This game is great, and I can’t wait for modded content…

Welcome Nishtec.

Like Jiaco I am interested in which youtuber got you interested in Grim Dawn.

Well it was ZiggyD, who got me interested in this title. I’ve been playing some PoE too and since then I followed him. He made quite a lot of videos regarding GD.

Uh, when jiaco got interested in the game, the game was just being developed and there were no videos of people playing Grim Dawn. :stuck_out_tongue: