Hi There

I just bought GD a few minutes ago and very excited to be part of a great game (at least from what I heard) that’s in a developing stage.

I’m 32, Asian (if that matters lol because ENG is my 2nd language), live in SF and currently working most of the time. I used to be a hardcore gamer, I’ve played RO, Allods, WoW, Diablo1,2& 3 religiously especially 2&3, first ever to have Windforce in possession&first 99 Barb on D2 LoD Hardcore USWest, ranked #1(gear score) in the world as a Barb in D3 Hardcore before I quit :slight_smile:

Right now I don’t play that much anymore, too much responsibilities and bills to pay but I still am a gamer at heart. I also enjoy watching Basketball and Soccer.Reading Manga and watching movies etc.

About to get into the game and will provide feedback later also I would love to help the Dev. team in anyway if I could (not asking for a job but I would love to help or provide my opinions/ideas about the game since I’ve spent a HUGE amount of time in online games and making a videogame is my dream that I doubt would ever come through :cry:) and last but not least, glad to meet fellow gamers here (:

Welcome to the forums/game!

Hope you enjoy Grim Dawn and give back some feedback for the devs :wink: