Hi this is a fantastic game so....

Hi, i´m a fan of Alex and i saw hes new video of this game. It´s fantastic!!!. So i write this for inspire to all the developed of this awesome game. Now i can´t help donating because i haven´t the money but i can help with my person. Okey this is all, good luck with the game :smiley:

Welcome to the forum. Enjoy. :slight_smile:

I saw this original post the other day and sat, staring at it for a while…

The jury is still out on whether or not Pedritocul is in fact a legitimate new arrival to the GD forums or whether he is another bot that sporadically swoops in and provides convoluted posts.

Either way - welcome, sir!


Hello pedritocul

and welcome to the forum and Grim Dawn! :smiley:

The freakiest thing about this user/thread are the tags…I cannot figure out what is up here, but something is amiss.

The tags are Japanese and I think they all mean the same thing, that pedritocul thinks this is an awesome game!
kawai = cute

Or it’s a bot from Japan :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello, welcome and enjoy!