Hi :)

I’m Srikandi… ARPG player since, well, do Rogue and Nethack count? :slight_smile: If so, then 1980. Jumped on Diablo 1 when it was released and played all the diablo games and pretty much every diablo clone as well.

I play other kinds of games too, especially big RPGs… but I also like some puzzle/“casual” games, strategy games, a few shooters… really the one genre I can’t stand are platformers shudder. Played WoW for three years, but over that :wink: Have dipped into a few other MMOs since but it’s really not my thing. I’ve also been involved in modding, particularly Morrowind and the Sims.

Really enjoyed Titan Quest, and was happy when I recently saw a mention of this project :slight_smile: Looking very good to me, can’t wait to see how it shapes up!

Hello and welcome to the forums Srikandi!