My name is Sebastian and im 22, live in sweden.
Work as a systems-admin for mostly linux-based servers.

First came across TitanQuest many years ago but none of my friends like that type of play so i stopped.

I started played rotmg and found loads of friend throuh that game and we all started playing d3 when it came out.
I hoped that it would be a better version of TQ that i could play with my old irl friends, but d3 is not what i hoped for :frowning:

So i tried so find more information about TQ’s development and found this,
and this looks awesome.

Im currently running linux on all my computer (running d3 with wine), and i prolly can get GD to work with it aswell.

I wish the dev-team the best of luck!

And welcome to the forums from a fellow newb. Enjoy your stay!

Hi and welcome to the forums.

hi and welcome to the forums

Hi and welcome. have you ever finished TQ?