Im new, love the game so far.

Creating and making new characters to try new builds.

Oh, the names Swain. Nice to meet ya. =D

Hey Rizek. Thats nice that you like GD so far, if you don’t know something just ask.

Hi, welcome to the Forums!

Have you seen grimcalc.com? It can help you theorycraft if you need.

Also http://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/items is an un-official database of items and such.

Hopefully that helps, and I love Swain in LoL, is that where the name is from? :cool:

Hello Rizek

And welcome to the forum and Grim Dawn! :slight_smile:

Actually i have one question. About how god damn long does it take to farm the gear to dual wield pistols?

Depends on the RNG and you luck finding/farming those items…

the items that give you the ability to dual wield guns: