Hidden Area?

Just noticed this spot on another run-through, is this another hidden spot?

How the flibbety-frabjous fuck are you rocking nearly 35k HP at level 80something?

Not that hard, really. Piles of crucible runs and a dozen other ultimate run-thrus and have dumped all my godly gear onto one char. Meh.

The bigger warning is the 5.5k energy on a Blademaster, which is more than some Warlocks get.

I think you know exactly how they have 35k HP at level 80. Also, as Ceno said, the 5k Energy should have been a bigger red flag as my AAR Sorcerer only has 5600 Energy. That being said, it begs the question why the TC has health potion bound to RMB…

Ruse cruising aside, I don’t think that’s a hidden area. At least, it’s not one I recognize from BoC.

It probably should have but I’m a melee-main scum and I never pay attention to my energy bar.

Funny… The RMB was a glitch because I was testing my reshade settings and thought the pot looked odd but it was just dandy. :wink:

Ok the op is cheating to get 35k health and 5.5k energy, doesnt take a mathmatician to figure that out.

But if he’s cheating like that why does he need health pots on a mouse button? Is he going through them that fast? He’s a BM, he has access to Pneumatic Burst and all the tankiness Soldier affords. I don’t understand. And he’s in Elite. Who needs that much health and energy in Elite, even in BoC? Why cheat energy that high, anyway? Soldier/X mastery combinations rarely have issues serious enough with e-management to require energy levels rivaling PURE CASTER BUILDS. There is so much that confuses me here. 35k HP isn’t invincible but I would think it would be REALLY difficult to die in Elite with that much health.

I’m probably overthinking this but I don’t understand why someone would cheat like that unless it was to test something really weird.

Post your char though grimtools then.

I’d be interested to see what results from that but from what I can see he has very nearly every possible Nightblade activated skill (why?), he has Unknown Soldier (I don’t recognize the other pet though), and one of his weapons has… a Chipped Claw or Severed Claw or something granting him that one skill in slot 2.

Does Trained Hard let you basically get unlimited skillpoints? I wonder if he’s doing that. And maybe unlimited devotion points too. Might explain his crazy HP/Energy, in part.

Will o’ Wisp.

Just like the people that lvl up from dying in crucible, and people cheating by copying legendary’s and what not. the op is cheating.

No one can put health potion in mouse buttons, it hasn’t happened up until this point. So logic the person is cheating. If you can duplicate it then post it, if not cheating. The person posted about a secret area, that was not the intended post. The intention was for people to see the 35k health and 5.5k energy, and the health potion in the mouse button. Logic.

Yes you can. i may be on the playtest version, but you most defiantly have been able to sense, like forever. :confused:

You guys are way over-thinking this. I put the pot in the rmb slot because I was testing my custom shaders and it was blooming. I use cadence on main and blade arc on lmb for crowd control. I usually play ulti but was just testing a farm scenario. Nobody even bothered to answer my op, just whine about really dumb stuff?

I answered it earlier:

I am particularly meticulous about searching out secret areas and I do not recognize that particular spot as being a secret.

Regardless, you still haven’t posted your Grimtools and those health and energy totals are ludicrous. It’d be one thing if you admitted you were cheating/training to screw around a bit. I personally GDStash in uniques on test builds because I do not farm as rigorously as I would need to in order to find all the epics/legendaries/MIs I would need to swap in and out for the sake of making a decision on how a build plays with each (I usually end up deleting the test characters and ill-gotten loot after I’m satisfied that it plays well or satisfied that it’s unworkable, either/or). But you insist you aren’t cheating and that’s why it’s as interesting as it is, because on the extremely off chance you’re telling the truth boy howdy we would really love to know what kind of build and gear you found that’s letting you run around with that much health and energy.

To give you some perspective: If a character breaks 20000 health at level 100 he/she’s considered pretty darn sturdy, and on a melee build anything more than 2500 or so energy just seems absolutely bizarre. The only time I’ve bottomed out my roughly 2000 point energy pool (at the moment) on my Warder was when I was screwing around and spamming DevSwarm all over the place.

The build is 100% legit - except for some gifts from the gods. I added a “pool” of devotion points to spread around my devotion. It’s powerful stuff. It isn’t my regular runner, as I said, I use it to quickly (and I mean quickly) blast through hordes on ulti to look for secrets or new areas. You’re meticulous about secrets, I am about making complete maps.

Does this mean “hacked gear” like I think it does?

Does this mean “added as many devotion points as I felt like”?

OK, that’s fine, you don’t need to beat around the bush about having a one-off 1337-haxx0rd character for exploring though.