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I found something today…

I don’t know if this have already been found somewhere else, if it’s new to Forgotten Gods, a fun little easter-egg or if it’s simply an overlook.
None the less I wanted to post it here:

See this thread… you can help with the hunt :smiley:

I started completely untwinked with a fresh character in ultimate. It’s hard/slow but not undoable. I would def make sure to have some XP potions (max faction purchase from malmouth) which will make leveling go by far quicker. Also, since you have normal/epic completely unlocked go back to those difficulties and grab as many easy shrines as you can (can get over 20 in under an hour).

Once you get rolling it starts getting easier, am now level 54 and just killed the Warden.

As far as the comment the new boss/content was smashed easily…well yeah…looking at that character is completely twinked out and very powerful. I don’t think it will be anywhere near that easy with a new character.

Thanks! :slight_smile: