Hide Shoulders

Please add a hide shoulders option at the Illusionist. Lots of NPCs are like this I think it would be nice if we had the option too.

Thank you.


Sorry I searched hide shoulders but couldn’t find anything

Well, it’s not just shoulders, but is on the same theme. I searched here just using “shoulders” and found the thread because I sort of remembered it being asked for before.

Hiding various parts of your char’s gear is a request that does come up from time to time. Before the illusionist, there wasn’t any hope due to the work required, now there “might” be a possibility to add invisible illusions, if this will work or not thought is another matter, so it’s a case of “if” it’s possible and do Crate have the time to do this instead of whatever else they are busy doing. :wink:

I wish that Crate implement this. There some armor combinations that look cooler without shoulder armor. I imagine that it’s not hard to implement at all. Just create a bunch of new items with invisible models and make them available trough the white MI merchant in Fort Ikon.

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It’s incredibly simple to do with a mod.

Not just hide shoulders, I wish the illusionist allows us to hide helmets too. Or maybe you can already do it in the game, but i haven’t find the buttons to hide an equipment. I dunno.

Took 10 minutes to make.

Could you explain what you did there? Is that using the item transmuter template? I had forgotten about that feature.

I tried modding this feature in myself today. I edited the loot table of the Fort Ikon MI vendor and added some new items. It doesn’t work perfectly, however. The head, shoulders, medal and boot slots can all be hidden without issue. These slots are probably the most likely to be hidden. Hiding the gloves, torso, and legs reveals nothing but empty space. Finally, for some reason the non-transmuted version of items displays on the main screen.

Yes, I have used ItemTransmuter template and set the path to item dbr without any mesh.

However, for hands/legs/feet/torso item slots you have to use default male/female gear meshes, otherwise you will see only floating head as you have already found out.

  • Mesh path -



Edit: you can hide everything, proof below

Thanks for the response. Including the names of the files was helpful. It all works perfectly now, apart from the main menu (which isn’t really a big deal).