High bleed resistance for skeletons

Skeletons should have high bleed res.

You can’t bleed out a skele from darkest dungeon…(cuz how the heck could they bleed!)

I think it makes more sense if skeles can’t take bleed damage.

They do.



Just one example

Yeah, SoT is a lot of fun with my Bleeding Trickster. :rolleyes:

Maybe it should be 500% :smiley:

I recall that they used to be outright immune (the mentioned above me 500%) but it was changed to just very high (like 110%), so that bleed builds could actually damage them by reducing their bleeding resistance.

Because if they were immune, builds like Bleed Warder and Trickster couldn’t outright do the areas with skeletons.

There is still some blood in bone marrow…

So it bothers you that skeletons could bleed but not that they can even move in the first place without any muscles and shit?

Magic can move bones, it cannot generate blood in bones to spill. Otherwise the Ch’tons would not kill people.

The OP just forgot that there is still some blood in bone marrow and that this blood is critical for the skeletons.

If magic can animate bones to move like they were alive and all the other crazy stuff going on in GD, making bones bleed is trivial.

You’re assuming the Cthons need for the living is physical. They could just as likely (and almost certainly in my mind) feed from the psychic emotions generated by the living; particularly those generated by trauma, fear, hate, etc.

I mean skeletons of the necromancer :D:D

I don’t really care if the campaign skeles bleed like hell.:p:p

My bleed warder is such a badass he gives skeletons blood just so he can take it out of them again.

Oh NOW I see your game, you rogue.