High FPS vs. HQ Graphics - the best balance?

Puh-leeez. Everyone knows all you really need to do is just download more RAM. It pretty much fixes any and all performance issues.



can confirm
downloaded more ram, no longer throttles CPU, and thanks to Res’ tip my fridge now plays GD at more FPS than my computer :ok_hand: :grin:

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What I do is force the game to run at 30fps… I prefer a steady 30fps than a juggling 37-57fps.

Honestly there is little you can do for more FPS as long as you have a decent GPU. I play in 4K and try to maintain 60fps with my Vega56 on my HTPC. I don’t use VSYNC either as it causes microstutters and actually lower fps in situations like crucible.
On my RX6800 + TR3960x I play uncapped in 4K and get upto 140fps with basically all the settings at max. Crucible’s worst situations have dips to around 56 but it doesn’t look bad especially if you have a screen with LFC, however the average FPS stays around 90 even in heavy Crucible. The rest of the game basically stays past 100. Just don’t use VSYNC.
I have also played a bit with my RTX3070 mobile, an RTX3060 mobile and the Vega 6 on my Aya Neo… this games settings don’t do that much (other than what was mentioned) for FPS unless the GPU is weak. It is all based on CPU power and this game loves CPU cache memory. Runs better on my 3960x than my 3900x despite the 3960x running at a slightly lower clock vs the 3900x.
I would venture to guess that a 5800x3D is the best CPU to play this game bar none.

Since this game is on GeforceNow if a high end CPU isn’t in your future; GFN is a cheap way to play basically locked at 60 with minimal interruptions as long as your internet connection is good. I used to use it to play on my Chromebook as I traveled in 2020/21 but now I have a gaming laptop + Aya Neo so I haven’t tried GFN in a little while.

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using a vega56 and a 5600x I max the game and average out 100fps at 1440p resolution.

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Thx for this, I didn’t even know it was physically possible, but it works! +20 increase in FPS!


Not surprising considering that 1440p is roughly half of 4K and anything under 4K can’t fully take advantage of Vega.

Some feedback for the OP in case it is relevant. I have a similar rig but worse (i7-6700K, GTX 980Ti) and I am playing with everything maxed except reflections are Low, and I have no frame rate issues at all. At least none I could detect with the human eye. This includes playing Crucible which (I think) is the most intensive the game ever gets, AND I only play it co-op with a friend, so that’s 2 players’ effects going off all over the place.

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At 4K, I’m averaging in the high 80’s outside of Crucible (but Gsync is awesome so I don’t notice drops into the 60’s)

I’ve nitpicked over the settings for many the years now (since dx9 was the only client) - as long as you have a solid rig, just turn off anisotropic filtering in-game and force within drivers. Also, turn off ambient occlusion.

AO is the big one, but for some reason AF eats frames too

  • I’m on a Ryzen 3600X & GTX 1080 for reference

I changed my Lighting setting from “Low” to “Medium”, so I made a small update to the original post with the following.

Lighting: BIG change in performance. I set this to “Medium”. You can increase this to make fights look better, especially in dark environments, but your FPS will lower. I don’t recommend using “Low” because that causes a bug where shadows suddenly disappear and reappear at certain times of day. Only set this to “Low” if you have Shadows turned off.

There are a couple of posts on reddit and steam discussing the issue:

The last link above dates from 2017… and if you search the thread for “Shadows”, you’ll find people reporting the bug even back then. I guess this bug is quite old!
I’m surprised I never noticed this bug before; or perhaps I never really understood it.

Haven’t the shadows been fixed?

I know what bug you’re talking about, but it is gone after

Oh. I had no idea there was a hotfix to solve the issue.
Unfortunately it’s still happening to me on the latest version.
Should I report the problem somewhere?

Several things I have done to increase FPS and enjoy the beautiful graphics.

  • Upgraded my CPU and GPU (Now running a Ryzen 5 5600 CPU and AMD RX 6650 XT GPU)
  • Run the 64 bit version of the game (use deferred rendering).
  • Run the game using Vulkan instead of DirectX. (Download the newest DXVK and place dxgi.dll and d3d11.dll into your x64 folder) [The first time ever you load an area it will create a new cache so give it a moment, but all playtime afterwards will be buttery smooth)
  • Give the mod GrimTex a try, the creator says he made sure compression was modernized on all textures to DXT5 whereas Grim Dawn natively uses DXT3… many users report smoother gameplay due to this. I’m playing in the 1.2 Play Test Beta patch, Crate has updated and modernized the rock textures in the game which are now aesthetically more beautiful; therefore, I’m only using the FX folder of GrimTex which for me makes a huge aesthetic difference. I will probably try the full mod again when the creator has done another pass of all the textures (assuming he will do this once GD 1.2 goes live).
  • Make sure your Nvidia or AMD Software profile is updated and optimized and use FreeSync or Gsync if your monitor supports it. Set an FPS lock [I use Radeon chill and set min and max FPS to 120] (Also keep your GPU drivers up to date). Also, I use Radeon Image Sharpening which really helps most games pop and vastly makes shadows look better in Grim Dawn.
  • If you have an HDR monitor and Windows 11 - utilize AutoHDR - it really makes the game that much more beautiful.
  • Play around with video settings, I run everything on max now. However, I enjoy particle density set to low or medium [this doesn’t affect quality but the density] as I find many spell effects to be way oversaturated on higher (especially in big battles). Also, I enjoy the clarity of disabling Depth of Field.
  • Continue to wait for more updates to the game. I’ve been playing since the game’s release and slowly over time and with expansions - Crate has optimized the game more and more. They really put a lot of love into this game and continue to do so with the upcoming 1.2 Patch and Fangs of Asterkarn announcement.

I would say the biggest stop to the microstuttering was me upgrading the CPU and GPU. I think, like others have pointed out have a higher Clock Speed CPU probably helps the most. I have seen awesome results using Vulkan over DirectX 11. Since upgrading my PC, I have stopped using the CPU core affinity switching. It may have helped a tiny bit back when I used a much slower CPU and my old Nvidia GTX 1060. One thing of note is the FPS does drop when playing multiplayer, but I still mostly play single player.


Unfortunately, I found another graphics-setting-related bug, and so I had to change my Particles setting from “Low” to “Medium”. It turns out that certain enemy attacks become absolutely INVISIBLE with this setting on “Low”. One such (deadly) example is the water wave attack of Moosilauke, which triggers Trozan’s Sky Shards.

I changed the original post with the following:

report it in the bug thread?

Id say its normal if their attacks are flashy low will disable them for potato pcs…

This game is not demanding… i could max it out on a 7 year old pc at 1440p…

If you have a potato its not the games fault

The game however is limited to take advantage of better hardware… so even with a £3k+ pc it wont utilise the pc properly… engine limits.

So if you have a pc with a lioe a 3700 cpu and 2070 grpahics card you should be good

I have pretty powerful hardware but I also have a 4k monitor, and some games just can’t run at a stable framerate at 4k, no matter what GPU you have or graphics options you set. I’m well acquainted with microstuttering. But DXVK completely eliminated it, giving me a perfectly smooth 60 FPS even with all graphics settings maxed. Thanks for the suggestion!

Could you please provide more details on PC specs you have? I am going to build new PC and GD is my only game to play so I want to choose wisely.

saw your DXVK mention, made me curious if anyone has done some “benchmarking”/side by side tests with vanilla vs dxvk on Grim Dawn for windows :thinking:

I would test it if I only know how to install it and where the dxvk files comes from :wink: