High level trees and blooms

I use to farm blooms on ultimate (being addicted to rolling always new characters i burn em fast) and i took for granted that non hero trees (smaller and bigger variants) could not drop em.

Then on a random character i go and seek for shrines on udgenbog area on elite, i kill some of em and…they drop blooms?

Looks like hig lvl ones won’t and low lvl ones yes? Is that correct ?

This would be news to me. I think I’ve had Ugdenbloom drop from every kind of swamp golem at least once.

i’m ready to confirm it in front of a jury, on ultimate those trees (non hero, regular ones) won’t drop blooms. Not 1 on 100 nor 1 on 300 they just don’t drop em, it’s not i didn’t try…

In my experience the trash golems have a very small chance to drop blooms, like 1 in 100 or worse. Tested this once by counting kills until one dropped, it was something like 80 before I saw one.

I’ve seen one that I’m sure came from trash, while taking two characters through all 3 difficulties. I got around 50 blooms in total between those 2 characters doing that…so 1 in 50ish of my blooms came from trash.

We can call it 3 and assume I mis-attributed a few, still not worth killing non-hero enemies if you are looking specifically for blooms.