higher drop rate for green, blue or violet ranged weapons

Man why is it you rarely see ranged weapons drop, it’s like the devs are saying go play a meele character or a spell driven character. make drop rate a bit higher for those too. Us commandos or archers need guns and crossbows you know.

I don’t know about you but I see plenty of 2H ranged weapons drop. Regardless, there’s a large amount of Legendaries available so don’t expect to get what you want immediately or very soon.

It doesn’t help either that the ‘list’ of Legendaries that can drop refreshes with sessions leading to duplicate Legendaries if you frequently quit to the main menu.

It’s the RNG god playing up again. I see plenty of ranged weapons - guns, rifles and crossbows - drop.

It’s the RNG gods being trolls. With melee characters i drop caster and ranged stuff and with caster and ranged i drop melee stuff.