Highest damage your character has ever taken

Fabius with notched bone of a thousand deaths (+20% damage to humans, and I’m gonna guess and say all player characters are considered humans…, +100% crit damagem and 10% chance of 350% main AND off hand damage for those unfamiliar with the item)…

22975 damage on a character with max pierce resist… by far the most I’ve ever seen taken in a single hit by ANY character of mine.

needless to say, I got one-shotted :rolleyes: and there I was happily tanking him and then suddenly my whole life bar just vanished.

Wonder if anyone has had the same experience.

A lot of people are well acquainted with Notched bone + Fabius. It’s why Fabiu’s weapon dependency was a bit nerfed recently. Only way to avoid that was to have around 2350 DA. Fumble and avoid melee can also help.

I think my highest damage taken, indeed a Fabius critical hit with a Notched Bone, I think is somewhere in the 45k range. With a max level Maivens. Enough damage to kill that character about 4 times.

Edit: it’s actually 39172 and that’s with 22% absorption.