Highest DPS Potential Skill?


As the topic suggest, what is the highest dps potential skill?
It can be via ticks or just pure DMG.
Just trying to find interesting skill to make a build with.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Phantasmal blades immediately pops into my mind.

Oh hello and thanks for your suggestion.
But can you tell me something more about this skill?
I mean what makes it that good?
And what type of dmg should be parried with it?

cold and vitality are the two best supported versions of it. Infiltrator for a cold class pairing or witch hunter or reaper for vitality.

It is a “shotgun” skill. Meaning it shoots multiple projectiles at once… and if you are close enough they all hit the mob. It has built in attack damage convert to health, as well as added crit damage, and a transmutor which allows it to be cast nonstop

I’m thinking pets. You can get some very impressive single target damage with a Primal Spirit.

Hmm i once played full pets build, quite uniqe playstyle.
How about a build that can be played pretty fun the entire playthrough and will become super strong with top gear?
Preferbly something that can drop the sky on the enemys head (much visual effects, smooth, powerfull?).

If you count fully maxed skills on builds that can viably use gear, devotions and support skills providing mods, conversions and high global % dmg modifiers - then number one pure dps single skill would be Mortar Trap.

Spammed Phantasmal Blades would probably be second. Canister Bomb was pretty high on the list due to AoE but the meganerf of Fleshwarped Incinerator probably took it out from the very top,

There is much competition for the third in my book.

Pets are nowhere near the top of we’re talking about SINGLE skills. The fastest build maxes two pet skills and uses two other as support/distraction. As a single skill I guess skeletons got most dps.

Flashy? Powerful? And easy to level?
I’m thinking Vindicator. Both Inquisitor and Shaman have some great leveling power, and the end result can look something like this:

Phantasmal blades can reach very good damage per blade and Demonslayer set increases the number to 8.Lightning stun jacks are similar in that regard.

As pure DPS sheet number,probably EoR.I saw before Nerfs numbers like 400 DPS per second.Retaliation also has some crazy values.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
This vindicator is a perfect exmaple what i was looking for :D, this is soo cool.
Any similiar options but evil themed?
Like spellbinder spirit laser AAR?
Eventualy Vitality/Cold caster?
If not this Electrician High Voltage build gets me.