Highest possible durability in the game?

I’m quite interested as to what’s the highest possible effective health you can have in the game.

This guy :

has 24k hp with a retalliation set. If he puts Markovian (best tank set) I believe he will easily hit 30k hp.

Do you think you can make a Warder so durable it simply cannot die? (give links,character saves etc if you have such) Will it be with Markovian or other items?

Making a character than “can not die” has a lot more to do with stacking health regeneration than with stacking health.

Take a Soldier. Max Menhir’s Will early. Max shield training and overguard. Try to get close to 100% block recovery. Get 14000 health. Congratulation, you can’t die.

See Jajaja’s recent Witchblade build.

But I mean seriously. This guy has 24k health , high regen without even having it as top priority. If he used full markovian set he would have been 50% more durable.