Hiiiii... Lurker No More.

Hi everyone!
Glad to be finally finding the courage to join the forum.
Been lurking around since 2015, when I discover Grim Dawn fixing my lamentation about Titan Quest lacking visceral combat despite the fact that it should, like Diablo 2 has shown greatly.
I love Grim Dawn’s combat, lore, and atmosphere. It is a leading example of hack and slash arpg in my opinion.

I’m from Indonesia, Male, 26, preferring to play Single Player Games of the arpg, story heavy rpg, rts, 4x, and fps (only Borderlands) genre. Mainly prefer PC Games, but I also like some games from PSX, PSP and PS2.
I hope I can contribute and learn from joining discussions around here.
Can’t wait to start teleporting/jumping/dashing/backflipping/whirlwinding around in Forgotten Gods.

Hiya kukuhimanpr, Welcome to the forums oh ex-lurker. Enjoy :smiley:

Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

welcome to the forum