Hirelings, Followers, Mercenaries in the XPAC?

Playing a single player game as a single class Soldier i realized gosh it’s lonely around here.

Going back to this post 7 years ago


So any progress been made on this idea?

Will this be something we might see in the xpac?

Sounds cool to me

Not all people are in favor of hirelings. If the hireling is too powerful, then those who do not like them feel they are forced to have them. But if the hirelings are too weak, what is the point of having them.

I do not feel the need to have a hireling, but if they are in the game, I will use them.

Same here


No, just no. If you want hirelings, etc, go play D2. Leave GD as it is which is much better. :smiley:

no way! I dont want someone to interrupt my combat momentum and in the heat of battle steal the spotlights away from me…

but should they release the " Rebuild Burrwitch DLC", I think having some kind of a hireling to tend to your house and your kids might come in handy! :rolleyes: