Hit a Brick Wall at Elite Loghorrean

Hello all,

New to this game about a week ago. I’ve been using beginner’s pre-Krieg DK build for my toon. Everything went great until I hit elite Loghorrean. I DID manage to beat him but not with any dignity. Now AoM is a brick wall for me, I’ve died to regular mob swarms twice. The state of my current build is here https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkKP1qN. Any pointers? Thank you.

Yeah, there is one thing most people don’t aknowledge when they’re new are resistances. Your dps is pretty much tertiary or secondary. If you die somewhere, then only because your resistances are too low. The grimtool link showed us that you have -17% resistence to aether damage. (I guess you got components on your clothes. There are nice aether resistence components you should use) Normally all builds always try to get +80% resistences on everything (But it doesn’t hurt if a few things are below 60%. But only a few!). The enemies would deal a sixth of the damage they deal to you now. Ofcourse there are many aetherial enemies that uses elemental damage, or poison or… basically everything. If you are good friends with at least one faction they might sell “augments”. They often increase resistences and you can easily put them on any armor you have. These are NOT components! You can have both on your armor! It’s literally a free boost.

You should also look out for skills that increases various resistence types.

Oh, and another thing. I notice you are wearing a lot of blue stuff. That’s completely ok, but remember that monster infrequent item exists. They might look green, but they aren’t rare items, they are far better. A good rolled monster infrequent is most of the time better than blue gear. Champions, bosses etc. drop monster infrequent items. Left to your healthbar is a loot filter. I would recommend installing the rainbow filter mod, which shows colours of gear more correctly (It’s super helpful, easy to install and uninstall). Here is a link https://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?p=718407#post718407