Hit a Brick Wall: Can't get Eye of Ekur to drop (Sarcophagus is Royal, not Ancient!)

Hey all! 1st time posting here, so feel free to move this, mods, to a more appropriate location.

I’m a lvl 67 Purifier, and I am stuck(!). I’m in the Temple of Osyr, got to the 2nd level down, beat whatever boss is supposed to be in front of an ancient sarcophagus that is supposed to drop the Eye of Ekun, but damn, no Eye and no Ancient Sarcophagus — it’s a Royal Sarcophagus! Caught it on video, and I’ll try to upload the pic of it.

2023-06-19 12_23_42-Eye of Ekur- Copy

I’ve checked all over the web, and man I’m just stuck. Any suggestions?

By the way, I LOVE GRIM DAWN! I can’t believe I only found this game in 2023!!! (oh and to heck with Diablo4)

Thanks everyone!


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Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

The quest says Ancient Sarcophagus, not a Royal Sarcophagus. Make sure you’re looking in the right one.

are you in a Multiplayer game perhaps where the other person has a different quest?
-or maybe on the wrong difficulty playthrough?

if not, have you tried verified game files or maybe even reinstall?
my game:

looking in the right… Temple of Osyr?

I’ve re-started the game (like, quit to menu) then reentered, and each time it’s Royal not Ancient when I battle the boss, here are pictures of during, and after, the battle. It’s the right boss, so the sarcophagus should be ancient. Am I just dim-witted?

wrong quest my friend :sweat_smile:
you’re way further ahead

you’re at vanguard, supposed to go to the altar with the eye of ekur, the eye you’ve already supposed to previously obtain, which is then handed back to you from the NPC at Vanguard


wha wha WHAT?

Oh man, I figured as much! DOH!

You all are fast repliers and boy do I appreciate the help!!!

I’ll go back and reboot my brain and then try to figure out where I went wrong in life…

THANK YOU ALL!!! (I’ll come back and re-post once I get that darn Eye!)


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i think green is the NPC that gives you eye, red is your quest target after