Homeless Soldiers

So… after moving my barracks around, my soldiers became homeless. They are still there, I can move them around but can’t put them back into barracks - barracks say 0/12. If I press “M”, they don’t show up either but I can see them in labor list “P”. I don’t have any other barracks, and if I point them to a flag and then click to “Go back to barracks” they will just wank around same way as idle workers.
Soberado.zip (2.1 MB)

Which version of the game are you on?

The most recent one, it autoupdates by steam.

After clicking to recruit few archers, my “homeless soldiers” rebranded to archers :open_mouth:
I guess the game saw them as idle villagers just with armor, sword and shield :slight_smile:, I was keeping thgem in TC :stuck_out_tongue: