Homestead Mandate used but no bonus applied

Grim Dawn: on Windows 10 Pro
Two characters. A 74 level and a 34 level.
The 74 level has reached Revered status with Homestead (in Veteran mode, during the three quest) and purchased 3 Homestead mandates.
Mandate shows, toward the bottom, in white letters, “Untradeable” (though the game guide, at, says “can be placed in your Shared Stash to use on all your characters”).
These mandates were placed in the shared stash for the 34 level character. Using the 34 level character I picked up a mandate, right clicked it and it disappeared.
However, when I look at this character’s faction reputations there is no “+” for Homestead.
When looking at the other Homestead mandates, in red letters at the bottom, they show “This faction has already had a Faction Mandate applied”. This message appears whether I am playing the 74 or the 34 level character.
The 34 level character does not show a “+” for Homestead and the 74 level character, when hovering the mouse on the “+”, shows 50%.
Two questions:

  1. What happened to the Homestead Mandate?
  2. Does the “…already had a Faction Mandate…” mean that a mandate can only be used once? Across any, and all, characters?

Untradeable means you can’t trade them with other players.

Regarding why the Mandate did not apply, I’d try verifying your game files.

My apologies. Another instance of User Error!!!
The 34 level character has not, yet, made it to Homestead. So, obviously, the mandate will not show (and I just noticed it).
Also, I found that the “This faction has already had a Faction Mandate applied” message is specific to the character (created a new character and looked at the Homestead mandate. The message does not appear). Means that the current character has, already, a mandate applied (in this case for Homestead).