Horror Movies.

Hello guys! Here we are talking about our favorite horror movies.

My favorite horror movies is MY LIFE! xD I joke. Is Insidious! :smiley:

I’ve always loved Poltergeist :slight_smile:

My life isn’t to much better :stuck_out_tongue: but i also really liked Occulous (Probably spelt that completely wrong).

I’m down for any horror movie as long as it isn’t all gore. i love watching horror’s that have a mystery aspect to them.

dude, i love all b movies, slashers, splatters, horror,stupid plots with horrible acting and hot girls of this world.

From good stuff (early argento, cartpenter) to crap (troma, asylum and you name it) i watched them all, i event went to a park here in rome to watch profondo rosso and dario argento was there to introduce the movie :stuck_out_tongue:

Leprechaun (i’m watching at you jennifer aniston!), Friday 13th, Nightmare i got the whole sagas.

japanese horror check ( but not “the ring” crap , i’m thinking at tokyo gore police, dead sushi, stuff that is actually fun), “cult” stuff check (Henenlotter anybody?), seriously just name a movie!

ps: yeah i have no life

Pps : Bruce Campbell best living actor.

What is you’re impression for The Purge Series? I don’t see this series, deserve seein?

i’ve seen all 3 (the last chapter “election year” few days ago) :

the first one is the best imo, it’s one of those “house intrusion” movies but replace zombies with alive people :slight_smile:

second and third are pretty similar it’s the same plot (1 day per year all laws are suspended by the will of this new founding fathers establishment) but on a larger scale, the second is all about urban survival the third being more focused on political struggle.

Personally i think they are pretty solid movies, if you don’t expect anything great or fresh. It’s basically a revamp of old ideas revisited with that “limited anarchy” idea.

I didn’t regret watching em.

I just watched “Stung” the other night. Kinda trash but kinda fun as well. :wink:

oh, didn’t know this one, i’ve seen is about killer wasps lol.

Intentionally trash is good imo, the problem is when “great” movies pumped with hype and money are actually trash.

I prefer a totally inane but hilarious movie to a boring one that lasts 2.30 hrs (Nolan, yes i’m talkin about you).

28 Days Later, Cabin in the Woods, Event Horizon, Evil Dead 2, Hellraiser, Hellraiser II: Hellbound, Jacob’s Ladder, The Fly, The Mist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, andddd…

I think that’s it.

“It” always had this special place in my heart as the movie that kept me up all night out of horror. The book is even freakier.

Quoted for truth!!!

I think my all time favorite horror(?) movie would be Bad Taste. It’s one of those over-the-top cheesy films that is so bad it’s good.

A more recent film would be The Babadook. What made this film so good to me wasn’t so much that it was scary, but more how it just makes you feel uncomfortable and uneasy most of the time.

I watch this last summer, this movie s**ks. :D! :undecided::mad:

And story s**ks! :smiley:

Now we are talking Bad Taste is a huge movie, that was Peter Jackson at his best without any hobbit or wizard involved. By the way did you watch “braindead” and “meet the feebles”??

It’s other Jackson’s stuff, Braindead it’s basically the funniest splatter movie ever, meet the feebles it’s some kind of muppet show but…i won’t spoil it just watch em both. NOW!!

The movie was decent - likely even great for the budget they had. But the book…oh man that book has forever made me afraid of clowns.

One horror movie I really like that I haven’t seen mentioned here is The Descent. Of all the ‘people get trapped in caves and bad things happen’ movies I’ve seen that is the one that came closest to making me feel like they really were in a cave - and the monsters were actually really well done too.

Although if you watch it you gotta make sure the version has the birthday cake ending, not the crappy ending they used for American release.

(and this is post 1000 huzza! I spend too much time here)

Sounds great! I don’t know this movie. I will look soon at this movie. :D!

I can’t stand “slasher” movies, but I absolutely love monster movies. The Descent was very well done and very scary. Most movies don’t scare me in the least but this one has several great moments. Good call, Silben.

You’re joking right?

If not, you’re in for a treat sir.

Insidious looked good untill darth maul with goat legs screamed behined that guy. It just looked dumb after that.

I think sinister and orphan are my favorites :slight_smile:

The Fly (1986)
One of the first horror movies that I remember seeing.
Remember it was very creepy.