How can I swap an npc to a smith?

I know it’s possible through scripting, but I know nothing about scripting, and every relevant script that I’ve opened I don’t understand.:stuck_out_tongue: Luther Graves, Kalista, I can’t really tell where the heart of the trick lies, all those tables and parameters I cannot fathom.

What I want to do is have an npc be talky as part of a quest A, and then if I have a token “quest B complete”, he becomes a smith.

I hoped I could use the OpenMerchantWindow action in the conversation editor and have him talk and craft at the same time, but that crashes the conversation editor.

Can anyone offer a bare bones example of if “hastoken(a)=true” then “spawn/remove creature a.dbr”?

I did it! And now I don’t remember how to do it again.:eek:

I’m a baboon that throws a watermelon down a 5-story building, and the splat forms a painting. Puzzled, and guiltily proud.:smiley:

Just use the “set template” option in dbr editor. Don’t forget to set crafting recipes.

You do that if you have a talking npc and then regret it and say, “oh I want him to be a smith”. What I wanted is have 1.dbr [talking person] and 2.dbr [smith], and through conversation you change 1.dbr with 2.dbr. It’s a tokenbasedswap or what’s it called script, which I copied/pasted from the game’s spirit guide situation (scripts, entities on the map etc.) and tweaked around until it worked.